Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2day ish sci paper . i 4get tu bring sumting veri important . MY PENCIL BOX !
siao lahx . i reach in cls then realised lor ! siao lahx . then go around ask ppl fer pens pencil and liquid . siao lahx . i STM ~ erm then do jalf way . i realised i didnt lent ruler frm fren ! no ruler how tu draw line ? erm then use the sides of the paper as ruler .
pathetic ~ then olso dun have calculator . then lent frm huiqi during exam . shhs ~
exam WITHOUT a pencil box ! then after tt eng exam lor . diiff sia . dunnoe the passage toking wat . haha . then peiying still sae the passage veri nice tu read .
yucks ~ haha . then after exam . cass go out wit her frens . then peying huiqi and ruiqi . stay back wait fer mr ajinued . haha . then we all keep throwing string at each other . CHILDISH ! haha . then after mr ajinued short lesson . we go comics shop .
finally dun have ppl play playstation liao . then me and peiying play lor . siao lahx . play the car games . first few rounds win peiying . then after tt all lose liao !
NEED MORE PRACTICE ~ haha . but the car veri nice . YELLOW ~
then after tt go hm lorx . tt alll liao bahx .