Monday, October 16, 2006

2day noe hm econ . history . english and sci marks . erm hm econ still hai hao .
english paper twu of coz fail . i everytime fail but lucky overall pass lahx . then history olso quite okie . then sci juz pass . lucky lor . coz last time compare ans wit peiying and huiqi . i alot qns wrong lor . then but lucky still juz pass . pass can liao lahx . =X
then geo lersson . mdn zan nv cum so a relieve cher cum . siao lahx . the relieve anihow scold ppl . then even tok tok olso cannot . then during hmecon lesson . saw sec one having AEZ program . then saw sum sec 2 dance . we whole cls wan watch lor ! then the cher dun let . NORT FAIR ~ then after skool . go ruiqi hse . first go lot one . but instant noddles . buy tibits . buy drinks . siao lahx . we buy alot alot ting tu eat ! then we eat until so FULL ! haha . then at ruiqi hse . cannot play com .
so at there tok tok lor . alot funny ting . laugh lyk mad ! +.+ nth much to sae .
hate the day when we becum strangers ~