Friday, October 13, 2006

i hate 2day ! first period jui shi chinese liao . wao lao . first period jui make me sad .
:( erm i fail vey badly . i dunnoe hoe to tell my mum . fail so badly :( then cher olso nv go thru the paper with us . the cher no use wan ! anyway . it already happen liao .
erm then cher sae next yr drop to express de chinese . errm gd gd ~ nort so stress .
then after tt gort dance infusion . e3 dance very cute and funny . but our class olso quite good ! x) erm then after tt ish math . onli math can make me happy . at least easier to tell my mum . haha . lucky math marks still okie . hahaa . then after tt our class need go to hall . dunnoe why lehx . wreid ~ actually ish mdm zan ish giving out geo paper in th hall . coz mon she nort free so 2day gif lorx . aiyo . geo olso drop :(
after skool go ten mile buy ingredient fer tml BBQ . haha .
becum AUNTIE ~ haha . then cass mum fetch us to cass hse .
lucky gort her mum . if nort we need to carryy all the plastic bag . malu ~
haha . after tt go ruiqi hse watch ghost movie .
ibeg them long long time nort to watch ghost movie . but they dun bother
me ! BIG BULLY ! haha . but at least when watching they nv scare me .
i HATE ghost movie ! haha . =X
euu do nort noe when i am sad ~