Thursday, October 19, 2006

2day meet huiqi and cass at sv . i try very best wan go there early . coz i always late =Xbut tish time . i olso late . haha . then go cck . peiying and ruiqi already reach liao .then go lot one watch movie . the babies and jackie chan de movie . shit !i 4get the movie tittle . very nice show . make me laugh and cry ! haha .then we tink a long time witch movie to watch . coz cass already watch b4 that movie . CONFUSED ~ we at theree very very long . but in the end olso watch the jackie chan movie . then left bout one hour . so walk walk first lor . then after that me and peiying share nacho cheese combo . then huiqi and ruiqi share nacho cheese combo and popcorn combo . watch finish liao . i damn COLD lor . freezing ~then go 7 eleven buy food . then go peiying hse nearby eat eat tok tok . then after that . i wan walk home . coz very very near my hse . then huqi lazy dun wan walk . LAZY ~ end !