Saturday, March 08, 2008



meet my dear.
headed to Wisma to collect my hp ! finally
my hp is back ! it is fully repaired now !
luckily there is not many people so we
didnt wait such a long time . then we went
to Cinelesiure to watch 10,000 BC !
rated 5/5 !!! super duper super duper
nice show ! everything look so real in
the movie ! the director is fantasic !!!
if you ask me to watch again , i will surely
watch ! went to eat at Sakae Teppanaki for
dinner afterwards . yummy !

then we went
to Chinatown. guess where we went ?
we went to chinese heritage centre .
firstly i thought it was interesting to know
about chinese past , but now i know i am
aboustly wrong !! it was already around 7pm
when we reached there and we were the 2nd
last customers . we go inside ,the whole place
was dim , olden day music were heard and the
everything LOOK ERRIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst
thing is there is nobody aroound! i am too afraid
so i decided to rather waste that ticket money and
go out right away !!!!! Dear hold me tight!
the auntie stop us . she told
us that it was such a waste to buy the ticket without
going in so she decided to accompany us inside .
so kind of her(: can you imagine that auntie must off
all the lights in the museum before she can go home?
the place already look damn errie with the lights on !
yucks! Chinese history is really scary !!! i will never
ever go again !!!

by the time we finish touring around , it was still early .
so we decided to go plaza singapura . OHNO ! i am
too addicted to the Super Mario racing ! Dear and I
even bought a Super Mario game card ! hahaha !
i am still consider as a pro okay !? i won dear 4 times!!!
HAHAHAHAS ! headed home by train and dear and i
keep toking rubbish !! keep laughing non-stop -.-
another super duper fun day !!! (:

Dear ,
the first day i know you , i thought you are boring guy .
but dun ask me why i still decided to be with you ,
maybe all these are fate ! but i never regret to be with
you. you are always there for me when i need a listening
ear . i admit that no matter i am sad or happy , i will still cry.
i can cry easily but you never fail to comfort me .
We can talk about almost every little things ! and i am
glad that you are willing to tell me everything . i love to
hear your laughter , your joke and see your funny faces !
Open your heart and take me in ,
i will stay inside forever .