Saturday, March 15, 2008


had E-math and add math tution . wanted to meet
dear afterwards but due to some stupit reasons ,

i headed home instead . ARGH!


went to meet dear , headed to town to take my dear
handphone back . yup , his hp olso spoilt ! hahas
the worst thing is hs memory card abit sot ! but we
didnt keep the original receipt of the memory card .
and becos of that , maybe he need to but a new
memory card ! sounds stupit ! it's raining heavily !
Luckily i bought my umberlla along ! hahas
headed to Partyworld , singsingsing ~
had lotslots fun ! jumping around like a fool ! hahas
i super love the chocolate milkshake there ! yummy !
finally the time i am waiting for finally arrived ! we were
going to watch Disney On Ice ! after partyworld , headed
to Kallang , took a cab down to Singapore Indoor Stadium .
we were late for almost 10mins and we missed a few parts.
rated 5/5 ! interesting and they really do skate well !
mickey and minnie are always my idols ! hahas
goofy , donal duck , lion king , peter pan ,
101 dalmation dogs , lio and sitch were here too !
dear is a cartton noob ! he know NOTHING about cartoon !
hahas . super duper fun day ! cartoon is the best !



around 4+pm , went to meet my dear ,
headed to his house to play bishi bashi ,
and just slack around . went to Bukit Timah
to buy my rashes medicine , had dinner and
then played pool. of course i didnt win once
at all! i keep rowing the ball to the wrong
place x: but we had lots of fun ! keep poking
him with my stick ! hahas