Sunday, March 30, 2008

went snow city with meimei & dear ! First we went to
Jurong point. i saw a very nice hp , purple colour ! but its a new
launch handphone and i dun dare to buy . becos my hp now ,
is olso a new launch hp so that why there is many problem
with my hp now ! argh ! went to have lunch and play acarde .
my meimei played until very fun ! she is very high when she got
many tickets ! but afterwards , she get abit moody , becos she is
getting tired . cabbed down to snow city and we had a super great
time there ! my meimei is brave ! she dosent complained cold at all !
hahas . keep throwing snow at each other ! hahas ! they ganged up
and bully me ! hahas ! afterwards , we went to lot one .
Dear went to sp first , then we headed to watch soccer .
SAF vs Woodlands ! i bought SAF vs Woodlans 3-0
firstly i tot my meimei will get bored over it ! but i am worng ,
she is busy eating popcorns and candyfloss -.- yups ! she is a pig !
in the end , WE WON !!! so happy !!!! had such and enjoyable dAY !

i want her to taste all the excitement with us !!!


had my last exam , chinese . i am lousy in chinese -.-
i think i never pass my chinese b4 in my secondary life .
ohno ! meet my dear , watched Slam . rated 1/5 !
me and dear are lame . we both see the movie on the
internet . it's a china movie but it say until the movie
very action packed and the best movie in china !
so we decided to watch for fun ! hahas lame -.-
so we headed to Plaza Singapura to watch .
the movie is super duper yucky, boring and sucks !
we nearly fall asleep okay !? luckily playing acarde
make my mood back again . played mario again ,
but this time i lose to dear ! i love Mario !!!!
then we went to watch soccer , i am quite pro in
soccer now okay !? hahas ! Gombak played until very
lan ! dear lose ):

i am moody,unhappy and sad !