Saturday, March 22, 2008


outing to zoo with dear and meimei .
actually our motive of going to zoo is
to accompany her to do her zoo project .
hahas. firstly , me and dear went to Causeway
Point to buy a slipper . White is always the
best ! then went to had our lunch there. finally
we went to meet my meimei. at first we were
very scared that my meimei were started crying after
looking at dear . but luckily , dear is friendly enough,to
make my meimei happy again !
our trip to zoo is very fun ! but alot of the animals are
lost ! dunnoe why -.- dear played with her at
the playground . and i am very happy to see that
my meimei love him very much (:
afterwrdas , we cab down to yishun to have
our delicious dinner ! she keep complaining that she
is hungry ! hahas. my ahmei keep sticking to my dear !
hahahahas ! we decided to watch Horton , a cartoon
movie. we walked there and we sang , and keep playing
around ! hahas , played acarde , didnt managed to catch
that minnie mouse but managed to catch some sweets !
Horton , rated 5/5 ! it is a very meaningful movie ! and
those cartoon are cute ! cab home and reached
home almost midnight. my meimei stared crying !
becos she missed mummy too much ! yups , she still
a kid ! it's natural for her to miss mummy !
dear faster hug her tight ! yeah ! super enjoyable day !

no words can express how happy am i now !
my never ever fillful dream have finally come true !
sincerely deep form my heart :
Thanks you very much , my dear <3
You did an awsome job today !
i am proud of you !



my meimei is toking on pone with dear !
they keep talking non-stop ! these
are the two lamers -.-