Thursday, October 18, 2007

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someone please help me !!!
i was super duper bored in school
that caused frown on my face whole
day long . i need to be entertained !!!!

lst period : pe lesson
[ need to stand under a big , shiny &
hot sun ! ]
2nd period : geography
[ GOSH ! i dun even care about past !!
i am not interested too !!! ]
3rd period : math
[ went to computer lab which is a totally
waste of time when the internet is so
damn stupit slow that cause me to fall
alsleep !]
4th period : recess
[ finally i can get to eat those yucky & boring
food >:( ]
5th period : chem
[ copy down exam ans whick i didnt even copy
instead i was drawing on my paper ]
LAST period : english
[ played poker cards , finally there is one period
that was fun ! i won three rounds ! ]

end of my f-king boring day in school !
went to sweetheart's house , ate sushi
for lunch ! i think i was abit mentally unbalanced
& went bonkers !! i just cant control it !!

with my mummy !