Friday, December 29, 2006


long time nv update liao .
my internet gort problem .
then on last tues , i went
ikea , queenway and westmall .
my mum last time use credit card
so redeem a $60 ikea vouchers .
so must spent it before jan .
although queenway is very near
ikea , but it raining too heavily !
wow ! the carpark jam lor !
must wait fer a long time fer our
turn to go out . finally our turn ,
then gort hump ahead us . then
my aunt car cannot go up the hump .
then suddenly my aunt car gort
smoke ! scared us lor ! everybody
in the car looking at us ! lucky nth
happen . then faster call my uncle .
ask why gort smoke . he say : coz
raining , so the wheels very wet . no
strength go up the hump . but we use
alot of strength . so gort smoke . aiya ~
car matter very complicated de ! i olso
dun understand wat he toking . anyway ,
thje car alright lah ! hahas . at queenways
i bought 2 tops . at westmall i bought a
new bag ! (:

gort dance prctice . need wake up early ):
wao lao ! the dance diff lyk siao ! still
gort bluebalck on my leg ! hate it ! ):

i went lot one wth my mum .
eat lunch there . bought new
socks :x

stay at home . lucky my intenet
hao liao . +.+ll