Tuesday, December 12, 2006

UGLY . $95 !

my rashes cum back again .
wao lao . hai me cannot go dance .
i see my rashes very ugly . then go
back sleep again . i already spent
$55 on my medcine . then now haven
hao. then go see clinic lor at afternoon .
spent another $40 . total spent $95
on my rashes ! ugly sia ! then peiying
and huqi meet me outside the clinic .
then go comics shop lor . then after that
go bp lor . then peiying meet him .
then huiqi and me go mos burger
eat sushi , vanilla cream and drinks .
then meet peying lor . then heavy rain .
then they cum my hse .

HEAVY ; heavy
go buy books with huiqi.
damn heavy ! then pei huiqigo her station
give the book to her ah pa . first time
saw her ah pa . then her turn pei wo go
my station give book to my mum .
then go peiying house . playplay .