Friday, December 22, 2006

we are just beginner !

today my aunt take leave .
so decied come my house ,
bake cookies and cakes .
my meimei excited like siao .
hahas . then she bought alot
things come my house . as if
going to move house . baking
cake is nort easy at all . must
prepare alot alot of things . then
need buy alot ingredients . but the
process is very fun . hahas . we bake
cookies first . but failed ): the butter
too sticky . so alot out of shape . +.+ll
hahas . but still edible lah . hahas
then we bake chocolate cake .
finally succeed liao ! very nice lehx . (:
but the appearane abit ugly . too black .
nort burnt hor ! chocolate is black wat !
hahas . :p then we bake the cookies
another time . finally succeed liao !
now nort out of shape . can make into
alot of shapes . =X hahas . anyways
i really have alot of fun ! :p