Monday, December 04, 2006

fun ; FUN

going chalet around 3+ .
we are late . they check in at
around 2pm . we reach there
already 4+ liao . late fer
2 hours lehx . hahas . =X
then reach liao . first ting is
EAT . coz damn hungry lor .
hahas . then BBQ lor .
my father start the fire .
i can eat fresh nice food
when adults are around .
coz when frens BBQ . i can only
eat RAW foods . hahas .
then at nite play blackjack lor .
but we play small small de ,
then whole day nv sleep .
at around 5am go beach play lor.

nv sleep whole day .
then eat breakfast lor .
afternoon . go ride bicycle .
my meimei excited sia . hahas .
then went back . still left bout
3 hours then BBQ . so we went
acarde play lor . basketball my
cousins very good at it . but at least
i can throw sum in . hahas . then play
other games lor . then BBQ liao lor .
ben lai wanted stay until monday .
but check out must wake up early .
so decied to go home on sunday lor .
at learts can wake up late . anyways
ish very FUN .

i wake up at 2pm .
coz too damn tired .
then huiqi ben lai want
cum my hse . but NO WAY
my hse is in the mess .
i haven even pack my bags .
hahas . lazy ~

i nv do this type
tings before ! !
hope our trust
still exist .