Monday, December 18, 2006

went to my grandma house .
wow . she cook very nice !
delicious ! i eat alot sia !
hahas . after that , my father
wanted to watch football match .
so he stay at my grandma house
watch . he crazy bout it . +.+ll
after that we went junction 8 .
meet my mum friend . coz she
want give her sumting . walk
until very sian . so went to
Raffles City . my mum
friend want to buy baby
clothes fer her niece .
we went Lifebaby shop .
that shop my meimei is
regular customers . coz
that shop clothes very very

i went lot one . then went
mini toons . i bought a keyboard
sticker . very cute ! then my meimei
bought a lolipop. =X taste yucky !

stay at home lor . my rashes keep
giving alot of problems ! coz it just
never disappear ! ask my mum friend .
she say need go to skin doctors .
aiya she say until very chim . olso
dunnoe wat she toking . but today
my rashes quite okay liao . but haven
disappear . ):
end ~