Monday, December 25, 2006

ll be my guest this christmas ll

went to my uncle house ,
celebrate christmas . hahas .
alot food to eat . eat until
i damn full lor . hahas .
but no cake . +.+ll
my aunt gort bring her dog .
my meimei scared until keep
asking everybody to take turn
carry her . +.+ll hahas . then my
rashes haven hao . still red red
lor . then everybody keep asking
wat that red red spot . one of my
aunt still tot i gort beaten ! omg ~
wao lao dunoe when my rashes will
hao ): my cousins ran to play xbox .
wao lao ~ they all play guy games
de . always keep playing football .
see the ball always kick here kick
there . olso sian ~ hahas . lucky
still gort computer to keep us
entertain . hahas . coz last sat , at huqi
house . i let me meimei play neopets .
so she keep force me play neopets .
hahas . wow ! my uncle give me
a cow cusions . damn cute lor ! hahas .
then my aunt went thaliand olso bought
me one sleveless shirt . quite nice ~
have fun that day (:

damn tired yesterday .
so i wake up at around 1pm plus .
then i read huiqi lent me de comics .
later at night , my mum will buy cake .
then celebrate with my famliy . :p