Monday, November 13, 2006

i am late AGAIN !

wake at 7.30am today !
coz wan go JOGGING
wit huiqi and ruiqi . haha .
must keep fit ! haha .
but hor . go there in the
end olso walk walk
tok tok wan . we nv jog at
all lor ! haha . =X
only after one hour .
huiqi jui sae wan go eat
breakfast liao . fei si ni !
haha =X then huiqi go
eat long john sliver . me and
ruiqi nv eat . coz the breakfast
lyk nort very nice lehx . then we sit
then we look at huiqi eat until
10am . then jui go KFC eat .
now huiqi turn to look at
me and ruiqi eat . haha .
then go comics shop . coz
huiqi wan go buy comics . haha .
then jui go huiqi hse lor .
nan de she let us go her hse sia .
haha . qi guai ~ +.+"
then go her hse use com lor .
and tok tok laugh laugh .
after that . go fetch my meimei .
i am late again . lucky she nv
cry sia . phew ~ oh ya .
i change my msn add liao .
must thanks RUIQI help me type all
my contacts . and HUIQI help me
press here press there . XIE XIE LOADS !

* sick !