Friday, November 03, 2006


2day wake up early . coz my mum
go vivo city with my aunt . then
me need to wake up early take
caire my meimei . see i am a
good jiejie ! =X haha .
then same same lor .
watch kids central . =X
then fetch my meimei to skkol
liao . meet huiqi at keat hong .
i EARLY again . haha .
then we two go comics shop lor .
then suddenly heavy rain lor !
then wait fer awhile lor . then in
the end olso run in the rain +.+II
i HATE raining days ! haha /
then huiqi lahx . read so many comics .
hai me late fetching my meimei .
haha . all huiqi fault ! =X
and dickson's blog drive me CRAZY !
i see him always help me . then i repay
back kindness lor . see i so good =X
thanks again sengyau and dickson helping
me train . (: