Friday, November 17, 2006

hold me tight !

wow yesterday went
han xiang thay all de
chalet . very very fun .
meet iainrick and sweekiat
at sv . sae meet them at 11.30
they sae TOO LATE . then agreed
to meet at 11.15 . but . they end up
reaching at 11.35 ! we wait almost
half and hour ! haha .
then they all blur blur de .
dunnoe how to take mrt there ,
lucky gort me . =X haha .
then reach go white sand buy
some BBQ food . this is the first time
i eat BBQ fishball . =X haha .
then reach liao . at first quite boring .
then me and huiqi go out walk walk .
then go to the beach ! wow !
i love the sand ! we draw DRAW DRAW !
haha . then huiqi go roller blading .
i reallly scared huiqi fall lor .
so i hold her very very tight . =X
then huiqi olso teach me roller blading sia .
i hold her hand until RED RED ! psps arh ~
then after one hour . go back . coz is BBQ TIME !
the BBQ ish such a failure ! nobody
noe how to start fire . still need ask the
next room auntie help us start !malu sia =X
then after BBQ . we play playstation .
this is the first time i soccer game .
i just noe nothing bout that game . haha .
then play play play . then i realised that .
i nv play at all . all ish the computer
plaiying . then huiqi get HIGH liao .
coz she always win jiajun the
basketball game .
high until stand in front of the tv .
lyk that see . lyk she ish
BLIND lor ! haha . =X
then after that go home with
iainrick and sweekiat .
wao lao ! the taxis driver anyhow
drive de ! drive so fast !
make me feel lyk vomiting sia !


so tired so quite late
wake up . my sms
wake me up ! =X haha .
then stay at home lor .
haha . end ~