Wednesday, November 08, 2006


erm today go yew tee de
MAC do hmk lor . cass ish
late today . then reach liao .
go seven eleven buy food eat .
then go halfway . saw ruiqi and
peiying waiting fer us . then go
mac lor . then xinhong already
do all the hmk liao . then we all copy
lor . =X then tok tok lor . haha .
copy until siao lor . the ans
all so long de . but i haven do the
reader digest hmk . coz i dun have
the book . maybe first day of skkol
i copy frm other =X haha .
then after that go ruiqi hse lor .
but suay suay lor . ruiqi sister
ish using com . then ben lai
wan go IMM de . but we all dun
have money and lazy to go so
remian stay at ruiqi hse ! then they
wan watch GHOST MOVIE !
wao lao ! i hate lor ! they still watch .
tortured me sia ! but lucky ruiqi sister
dun wan use com liao . so i use lor .
wao lao . they ah siao wan !
watch ghost movie . shout here shout
there ! noisy sia ! haha . =X
then go home lor . end ~