Sunday, November 05, 2006

do we need to wait
so long fer just
even one call !

wat a slow service they have .
we need to wait so long fer
one call to confirm us wheather
we can work anot . but i tink diff
sia . coz we are UNDERAGED !
haha .then i dunnoe why yest i
cannot post my entries . my com
lack arh ? =X then yest around
afternoon me . peiying and huiqi
go causeway point lor . then walk
here walk there . nth to walk de .
then decided to go comics shop
again . haha . our fav place ~ (:
then 2day stay at home lor .
but i sensing suming ish really
nort rite . play maple . very
easy dc . then alt tab maple
program . my com hang .
i even cannot see people's
tagbox ): then i wan
shut down my com . nth happen !
remain at my desktop +.+ll
ben lai today i wan lvl up !
all my stupit com fault ! *.*
my com lacking ? or having
virus lyk wat huiqi com have
yesterday . aiya ! i noe nth
bout com lehx ! i juz noe my com
ish going to spoilt ! maybe tml
i ask my cousin help me dl
another new virus scan program .
hope this work ! (:

is there sumting
really wrong ?