Monday, February 04, 2008


i love every friday ! i just love going out with
my dear ! firstly after school went to meet him ,
we went to Tampines Ikea !! it's my first time
going there ! we went there to buy my mummy's
birthday present . her bbday is on Valentines Day !
it was quite early then , so we went shopping at
Tampines Mall , played hockey game , and i lose
to dear every round ! OH NO ! no face -.-
it was really fun but super tiring ! i love that
yellow lingerie suit ! super sexy ! hahas actually we
decided to take that shuttle bus to Ikea but it was a
longlong quene ! took cab instead . Ikea was super big !
it was much bigger than Ikea located in Queensway !
it was too big until we will get lost easily -.- i was so sua gu !
hahas , had our dinner and guess what i saw ! a food trolley !
SO CREATIVE ! normally we only saw trolley to put our
stuffs but now there is a trolley to put our food ! i think is
so cute ! those furniture are super nice and i finally decided
to buy a bamboo vase for mummy , sounds lame ahs ,
but i am sure my mum will like it (: there is no plastic bag
provided in Ikea , one bag cost 5 cents ( i think ) but no
nag can fit in my bai bamboo vase . no choice but to take
cab home . I ENJOYED TODAY !!


at home whole day (:


went NTUC with my parents at night , damn alot
of people !! ARGH ! i hate crowded place !


nowaday no time to blog . i was busy with my
school work . i promise my mummy i will study
hard this year . study year for me !