Sunday, February 10, 2008

thursday , first day of CNY ,

stayed at home whole day . i am bored to death !

friday , 2nd day of CNY

went to both of my grandma's house .
it's boring at my ( father's side ) grandparent's
house but it's fun at ( mother's side )
grandpartent house . at least i can get to use
computer there . but it's always the same every year .
take angbao then stick my butt on the sofa whole
day ! hahas.

finally the truth is out ,
and all the suffering are gone (:



decided to watch Ah Long ptd at first ,
but we didnt expect that there were sososo
many people watching movie today !
super long quene ! all the timing for Ah long
Ptd left first row from the screen . i dont lyk to
sit the front row >:( HEADACHE ! so we decided
to watch Kungfu Dunk ! rated 5/5 ! super nice
movie ! jaychou was SUPERSUPER handsome
with his nerdy looking hairstyle ! it suit him !!