Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Meet dear and headed to town to
collect something that was delayed
for very long . Ate lunch there and
headed to Ikea . My motive of
going there is to buy a gift for my
Aunt and Uncle . We shop around ,
anf finally i manage to buy two big
photo frames ! I decided to draw
something to them and they can
hang it at my house . Yea ! good idea ;D
My drawings are not done yet .
Had our dinner , we sat there and chat
for very long! we have damn alot of things
to talk about ! Furthermore the sceneries
is very nice , i dont feel lyk letting my
seat to people who were waiting. hahas !
Home sweet home .

I have been busy with my school works and
thats why i didnt post often . Do a lot , but
no results ): School life is tiring and boring !
And my stupid Dear is addicted to his psp
games , i always snatch !
And there is alot of things i dont understand .
Please , what had happen ?

My meimei in her new pyjamas !
It's always good to be childish !
I miss my childhood.