Saturday, August 02, 2008

i didnt update my blog for a very long
time . Because i am concentrating
on my Prelims. I am studying every
single day non-stop ! It's really boring
studying ! But no choice , i must do well
in this prelims ! I only left 3 subjects to go .
and my prelims is offically finished ! yeah ;D

Last two weeks , i had been studying with
my dear , Well , i prefer to study alone !
hahahahas ! He is irritating me !
i wana to zip his mouth up ! when he see this ,
he gona kill me ! hahas


i headed to Dear's house , say hi to his maid .
played games and watch online movies .
Finally i got a new psp game i really like !
Iam super addicted to it ! At night ,
we headed to Bugis , wanting to have our
dinner at Bugis Street , as the western
food there is delicious ! But we realised
that the whole food court is closed down !
Stupid ! Watch sccer afterwards , and the
match is super exciting !

3 more papers & i am free ;D


★ 'ENEN: Pass by : D Nice hair !
Thanks alot girl (:

Bryan: You are beautiful .
Thanks alot (:

von: tagtag!(: loves
I love you too , von <3

MY管理员: You have a very good blog! Welcome to MY tribal exchange stations, this site is completely free. Hope to add to your blog popularity, mutual exchanges.
Thank you very much (:

Rena: You look cute..=)
thanks girl !

Passerby: I agreed , Are you a model ? i think so righttt?
Actually i am not really a model , but i have shoots occasionally.

Passerby: Why didnt you update? update soon .
Soory for the late update .

chole: Hi , bernyce ,I saw you in your school uniform . you still look great without make up . stay pretty
Where you saw me ? Say hi next time !

jamie: hey nice blog u have here. And u look sweet
Girl , you too (:

Gene: Where do you bought your green top ? its really simple and sexy.
I bought it long time ago , i forgotten .

anoy: hello how old are you?
I am 16 this year , maybe i look abit mature to you .

YUTING: Hehe. hellos. I think you've forgotten me . D: last time in fs we got chat der. haha. ;D
Good to stay in touch again ;D loveyous !

(:: How you know your bf ? you two makes the great couple . (:
I meet my boyfriend in school and know each other more on an online game.
hahas .