Sunday, January 06, 2008

happy one year anniversary !


its our special day today ! we went
to snow city to play ! its my first time
going there ! hahas i am sooooo excited !
first , i went to lot one to bought a heart
shape cake . i still lie him i am with
mummy ! hahas then waited for him at cck
station . so surprised by him too (: then took
cab to snow city but we need to wait for
about one hour then can play so we went
mac for lunch lst ! finally its time for us to
play !!!! the temperature is -4.7 degrees !
I AM FREZZING !! we played the sliding down ,
its so damn fun !!!! we played alot of time .
then he started throwing snow at me !!
oh gosh !! my face become numb !!! ewww !
revenge time !! we started to throw each other until
i fall down and hit the penguin ! OUCH ! pain !
but it really damn fun okay ! we played for around
4 hours and headed to sakura near there and had
our delicious dinner ! i love the salmon there !!
i ate until tootootootoo full !!! after that , dear
decided to buy school bag so we decided to
cab to bp . and we managed to buy a nice bag !
i love it too ! headed home afterwards .
i super loves today outing !!

yoo are going to stick with me for many years !

<u> friday

happy birthday longkiat !
first me and dear went to cityhall and
shopping ! we decided to buy clothes .
dear managed to buy 3 clothes and
one belt ! then we headed to clementi
and find longkiat and co . its fun but
they are singing rubbish ! -.- more
photos at huiqi blog !