Wednesday, January 16, 2008


it was my 16th birthday (:
and my happiest birthday ! i am serious !
went to school with a heavy heart ,
due to my unstable mood. headed home
right after school to get changed.
everything went very unsmoothly at first .
but after awhile everything went back to
normal . firstly we went to Queensway
Acarde to play and won manymany ticket !
i am aiming for 2000 tickets ! i am having
funfunfun there ! cabbed down to Bukit timah
for pool . it was my first time playing .
dear teaches me and i learn fast okay ! hahahas
the process is fun ! i feel damn ' high ' when
i roll my first ball into the hole !!! hahahahas
although my mum didnt prepare any big cake for
me but she is still cute ! she bought KFC and
one slice of tiramisu cake . those little stuff look
nothing and cheapo to anybody else , but to me ,
it is the most precious and memorable!
headed home and i will always remember
that goodbye sign(:

i don't need any big party and tons of presents ,
i just want to feel the warm my beloved dear and
family gave me . The joy of everybody's face can
be seen ! i appreciate their little thoughts that really
touched me . once again , thank you(:


my friends gave me a surprise party at my Dear's
house! i was totally shocked !
everything starts with a word happiness and
end with sadness . but i will always treasure our
happiness together. those little words may hurts
me but i am happy yoo arrived(: i loves my dearest
friends ! AINI <3


collected my handphone, and it was perfectly alright
now(: went partyworld . i love the honey tea ! hahas