Monday, May 26, 2008

Finally i can get to use the computer . i am using
dear's laptop ! hahas . yupyup , my stupit com is
spolit . my daddy told me that the hard disk is
faulty ! Actually i am not sure what is he talking about .
i just know that I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK >:(

Anyway today is my chinese O' level . And i am not
confident at all . i choose the wrong qns , wrote
out of point . oh ! how stupit can i be ! ARGH !

Last few week nothing special happen .
but on 18may is a very special day for my daddy .
It's his birthday ! (: went AMK hub and ate at
new york new york . he wore the cute monkey shirt
that my meimei gave him as a present . i bought him a
dart game ! he love it !!!!! Actually is dear who help me
choose . hahas
once again ,

happy birthday !

ohyaohyaohyaohya !
tomo is Aunty Jean birthday .........