Friday, September 19, 2008

lantern festival !
Celebrate with my family .
It is still very fun celebrating with them.
I really love them <3

my sister is performing on stage .
Their class perform The Ugly Ducklings .
Its quite boring but her clothings is really
damn cute ! it's so good being young ):

Dear brought me and my sister out .
We headed to Causeway because i thought
there are many children games in that acarde .
But Dear is bored . then we headed to Jurong
Entertainment . At least Dear got some games to
play. my sister is as naughty as usual . She keep
scold Dear for talking alot of rubbish -.- hahas
We didnt take much photos ); All because of
mt stupit camera and battery . Because i thought
of buying those cheap batteries just to use for that day
as i already tell my mum to buy rechargeable batteries .

Dear managed to buy cheap battery . But youknow what !?
we bought a faulty batteries !!!!! My camera could not
work still ! ARGH ! Dear and my sister are quarreling
whole day long . but deep inside my sister heart , she still like
him . she is just shy !hahas