Monday, September 08, 2008


Met dear and headed to Clementi Kbox.
It's been very long since we last go Kbox.
I miss singing . I had alot fun as usual (:
afterwards , Dear brought me to a secret
place . He just keep saying that the food
there is super delicious . i dont need to eat
at High- class resturant , i just need Good food ;D
After a long time , finally we found the place .
It is actually a kopitiam . But dont look down
on that Kopitiam ! It has two famous stalls :
America Food & Pizzas ! The two stalls stated that
we have to wait for our food for about 30-45mins.
it sounds lame but it's true. But we are so lucky on
that day ! we waited for only about 5-10mins ! HURRAY !
the food is super delicious ! and it has no differances from those
in resturants. YUMMY ! afterwards , headed to Jurong Point .
We ran in the rain ! i hate that !



Time past really damn fast ! Dont you think so ?
watch a movie , Bangkok Dangerous at night.
reated 4/5 . I think the story is quite nice but Dear
complained that it has no story line .



Had my Chinese prelim . i am so damn stupit !
My teacher had already gave us a set of model essay ,
but i didnt revise it . i am busy memorising good phrases .
But in the end , do you know what happen ? The qns
today is on one of the model essay ! SAME QNS !!!
ohno! Headed to Dear's house . Try his new massage chair ,
really damn comfortable and i am stuck on the chair almost
the whole day ! i am addcited to it ! but i regreted it now ):
i am having backache now . i think i massage too long ):

Ok, i am off to eat my Honeydews now ;D

You have changed alot ,
THEY destroy everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!