Sunday, June 24, 2012




It's been awhile since I last blogged.
Working was boring and the worst is they blocked almost all the website.
All I can do at work was to read Yahoo news, stared at the computer screen and 
even fall asleep on the table.

Working here make me realized "This is how working life feels like" 
And I totally fear about it especially when I know it's gonna be my turn in just 1 week time.

And yups, I had found a full time job at My Monestorrie My World kindergarten. 
I feel bless and lucky to find such a good job and moreover a job which I have interest in.
I knew this would be a tough job but I will try my very best to do everything I could 
and be successful in the future.

However, the thought of ending my teenage life just like that really freak me out. 
No more taking leave from company whenever I like, no more partying till late anymore, 
no more last minute getaway trip and no more spending money like water. 
Everything gonna be serious for me.

Anyway no matter what, I still gonna strive for the best and gonna be a successful lady.

Won't be blogging that often anymore.