Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sp Stars , Public Holiday , Unstoppable Movie

Aww , Look at Snowy .....
She is always always cute !!!!

But.... she become really naughty !
Keep biting me for no reasons! HAHAHHA

Photos taken from Peiying's Iphone

With my AD!


After school ,waited for Shane. Drove to IMM for lunch.
Intenting to go Holland Village , but he stupid lah , dont know
how to drive there! Haha. Ate at ljs , shopped at Daiso. Shane is freaking
amazed but the $2 price! HAHA! Then drove back to his house
with Chongjun. He bathed damn long , like a girl ! HAHA. Played
with Snowy ! Super duper cute !!!!! She keep bite me for no reason!
Keep biting my shirt , my belt....haha , but seem like she is
having fun with me . hehe. Drove back to RP , find Dear awhile ,
but he cant stay long ): He is having UT. Fetched Aron from rp ,
drove back to NP. Fetched Hanxiang , then drove back to SP.
At fc 5 and chit chat. Meet Peiying and Jiajun . Queued up for
the SP star. The show is kinda of disappointing! Afterwards ,
ate late dinner at Clementi , chit chat with everybody for damn long.
ORdered Hor fun , but the auntie gave wrong order . And you what she do ?
That fking auntie dont intent to help us to re-order and intent she just
gave us back the money with a fking black face ! WTF !!!!!!!
Chatted till late.


Meet Dear after school. Watch movie , Unstoppable,
rated 4/5 . The whole movie is just about a train which
cannot be stopped. Haha. But i still think is quite a nice movie.
Sneaked in food which was bought at Fun fair. Kinda full afterwards
so decided to eat Waffers at Gelare Haha! Hmm, NICE!


Public Holiday.
Intent to ate dinner with my family. I seldom stay at home.
Kinda of neglected them , so decided to treat them a simple