Saturday, June 07, 2008



went Science Centre with Dear and meimei .
Last march , me , dear and meimei went
Snow city and we are given 3 free tickets to
Science Centre . Hahas firstly , me and meimei
headed to Lotone to buy a mickey mouse
face towel for him first . hahas . its damn cute !
meet him , and he gave my meimei a green
Mario softoy . hahas .

Reached there and there is alot of wreid stuffs .
Really interesting . but some i dont understand .
walked around and we had fun !

Afterwards , we headed to Jurong Entertainment
to have our dinner , played acrade then watch movie
, Narina rated 5/5 really nice movie . i hate my meimei
halfway of the movie want to go totiet . its really
troublesome ! headed home and i knew that
my meimei misses my dear .


studies come first (:


I'm bored , angry , moody , yucky !