Wednesday, June 04, 2008


went for casting with liling . super
slim chance to get selected ! We were
so stupit ! we walked to Orchard Hotel
from Orchard station and we walked
almost 20mins & we still cant find the
hotel ! we had no choice to ask a stranger.

stranger : it just in front of you !
we : -.-"

4 pairs of eyes and we cant see the hotel .
waited for veryvery long . saw alot of
familiar faces . Cabbed down to Far East
to have our dinner . we were super hungry !
we didnt shop at all ! Our legs are too painful
wearing heels ! decided to try watching
M18 Sex in the city at cine , so we walked
slowly down to cine . too tired and decided to
stay in a disabled totiet to rest . -.- cont
walking and two agencies look for us .
some silly thing had happen . and hope its is
alright for us , Pray hard !! barefooted to the bus
stop , hahas .

NOw ever

Everything comes with a price ,
i have to accept the worst .
i will wait for the sunshine sliently .
i have no where to go ,
no where to rest ,
no where to pour my sorrows to .
The only thing is to be happy (:
i will try my best to get my smile back .

Went to school for social studies lesson,
At night , went to meet Dear to watch
2010 FIFA WORLD CUP at National
Studium . There is so many people but

luckily we managed to find a cab . When we
reached thee , we were so shocked to see
a bigbigbig crowd quening up for the
tickets ! we almost quene for an hour !
Squeezing here and there ! argh !

We miss the first half of the match !
Finally we got the tickets ! the field is super
big ! and its really nice to watch with people
screaming alot of valguaries ! it's damn funny !
In the end singapore lose ): 3-7 ! pathetic ahs !
went to eat dinner afterwards ! i love kimchi !!!!