Saturday, June 21, 2008


Went for a one day trip at Kukup .
We woke up at 6.30am , oh ! i am so
tired ! I didnt expected Dear waited for
me to wake up and gave me a morning
call! Thanks dear <3>
a mini van just for our family and started
our journey ! Firstly , we headed to
JB to have our breakfast , i love the prawn
mee ! it taste delicioussssss !
Then continued our journey to a kampong place
to taste some kampong durians ! those
taste super delicious ! it is competely
different from singapore . yupyup , we also
went there to donate blood to the
mosquitos ! ARGH !

We continue our journey and we finally
reached Kukup ! we sat on a boat which sailed
us around to let us know more about sea animals!
It's digusting ! then we had our seafood dinner !

We continued our journey again and we arrived
at a temple , pray and headed to a shopping centre .
I saw a shop which have exactly same style as me !
WEIRD CLOTHES ! wowowow ! i managed to buy
a dress and bought a bag and top at MNG .

Bought some foods and thats all .
( i am lazy to write in details )


I am those type of people who get bus sick easily
but on that day i am feeling all alright . It's a miracle!
Thanks to my beloved mummy's brillant idea ! she suggested
us to paste a plaster over our belly button . It worth trying
it if you as weak as me because it works ! hahas (:


went to Dear's house . I helped him to cut his
super long toes nail !! REALLY SUPER LONG !
hahas , thats all .

lovelovelovelove lovelovelovelove lovelovelove
deardeardear deardeardeardear deardeardear


School life is starting again !
boring ):