Saturday, January 06, 2007

boringBORING !

today wake up early . need go
to ngee ann poly listen to a lamelame
talk ! we went there becos we are POA
student . kaokao ! the talk olso nort
related to POA de ! all sooo chim !
but the place very very high class !
lyk having a conference lor ! so high class !
then we at there , lyk blur blur ! then
the air con sooooo cold ! freezzing to death !
more cold , i feel more lyk sleeping !
siansiansian ! go there , still need go home
ourself ! wao lao ~ wat type of service is
this ~ kaokao !then i ferget take wat bus go
home le . then so sian ! nobody to talk to )):

i treasure the time we are togather !