Wednesday, January 03, 2007


when i wake up i dun dare
to look in the mirror ! i scared
my rashes become worser .
lucky , my rashes became better .
but still redred . hope it will recover soon .
em then meet peiying and ruiqi at sv .
at first ruiqi late , the i late by one min .
hahas . :x then reach liao , i dun dare go
in my class . scary ~ then faster put bag .
then go peiying class . hahas .
my class damn quiet ! hate it lor !
still prefer 2e5 ! )): i wan noisy noisy class !
wao lao ! first day jiu get caught buy ms ang !
my fringre lor ! aiyo ~ need clip up again !
hahas . then all the cher quite okay lor .
damn happy when i saw ms jaslin ang still
teaching E math this year ! love her ! !
after that , last min , need go to the dance
booth . sians , go there olso nth to do de .
then after that ben lai wan go lot one meet
peiying and huqi . but i lazy sia . so go home .