Sunday, January 14, 2007

my wonderful birthday .

i am so happy !

went Fareast & Bugis with my besties .
huiqi bought a shoes . very nice ! but
the heal damn high . hahas . then i saw
a top very nice . then olso very cheap lor !
$19.90 ! but dunnoe why , i wear until lyk
very fat lor . then nv buy liao . but damn damn

NICE ! cass saw a watch very nice . but damn
expensive ! $32.90 ! siao ~ then peiying bought
a hairband . very nice too ! kaokaokao , only me
and cass nv buy anything at Fareast .nv see
anything i lyk . then went bugis , cos peiying
want exchange size . then we dunnoe how to go .
dunnoe how to change train :x we like idoits lor !
then cannot find anything i lyk at bugis . then i no
mood le . cos i want buy something fer myself
i lyk fer my birthday ! ! then went to eat . the food

damn nice ! we keep sharing each other food !
funny sia ~ hahas . then we go icon nort shopping ,
go find balloons :x hahas . have alot of fun !

thanks besties , letting me have a

wonderful birthday ! <3

touched by them !

i wake up damn late , cos i very tired .

then raining the whole day . i dun feel
lyk going out . then my mum ben lai
want bring me to Sake Sushi . but i

lazy to go . hahas . then i stay at
home . then afternoon , my mum
say she go lot one buy chicken
wings . then at night , while i
watching tv , lying on the sofa ,
my mum give me a SURPRISE !
she go lot one but chicken wing
is excuse lahs . she go there buy
sushi cake . :x MY FAV ! she
bought the whole set of sushi ,
with one candles in the middle !
i so HAPPY LOR , really touched !
my meimei olso buy a Nightmare

Before Christmas de softtoy !

thanks mummy and meimei for

giving me a simple and
wonderful birthday !