Thursday, April 15, 2010
#1 :My mummy cooked me noodles with meatballs for breakfast . Yummy!

#2 : Off to work.
#3 : Weird guy with centered parting hair keep smiling at me. CRAZY!
#4 : Dear called me telling me that he left his laptop in the taxi -.-
He is forever so careless !! Luckily the taxi driver is kind enough to
return it to him.

#5 : Displayed all the chocolates samples.

#6 : Blogging. Haha Until now , i have problem connect to
Photobucket . -.- Making my whole blog look so ugly.
Because almost everything i upload from Photobucket.

#7: Thanks Valerie for lending me her USB internet.

#8 : Wondering if i want to change my laptop skin again.
#9 : Please please more sales today !

#10 : Goodbye