Friday, August 24, 2012

Ad's Enlistment


23th August 2012, Ad's Enlistment date.

The day I'm most afraid of.
Time really really flies.
Still remember the time i finally settled all my jobs issues, and we had
exactly one month to totally enjoy everyday with each other.
And now, its time to face the reality.

Of course, i went to send him off on his date of enlistment.
So much emotions in my heart. But something really touched me is what
my mummy and my sister did. My sister made such a beautiful card for him
and she told me  personally that she will really miss him. My mummy who
seldom talked about us, suddenly gave me a red packet and Brands Chicken
Essence and asked him to take care of himself. All these small actions really touched
me and i am so proud of my AD.

Alot people may think serving nation for 2 years is a short period of time and its stupid
and lame to cry on that day. But nobody knows how much we had gone through,
nobody knows we had gone through much more than any other ordinary couple and i am
so proud we had done it. And we can talked almost anything and everything even the lamest
rubbish, we can talked for hours even till now for so many years.
And Yeap I did it, i did not shed a single tears on that day and just hugged
goodbye to him. That hug, i will never forget.

Not forgetting to thank his mummy too. She really took care of me. She knew I had motion
sickness, she specially bought sweets for me and try to encourage me when i told her my
problems. Still remembered the time when we went holiday to Beijing, i will never ever forget
the things she had done for me.

It's not gonna be a easy route for these 2 years.
No matter what happen in the future,
I swear i have the most beautiful relationship ever.

I'll miss you.